Anthony Labuguen
Music is a pathway to me, one that often times leads me somewhere familiar and comfortable. Sometimes I follow it into new territory, and sometimes it is an alternate route to a place I've been before and I see normal from a new perspective.

But always it is a journey.

When I started playing, the journey became more difficult at times, and I would find myself straying from the path. I would keep playing, keep wandering, until I found the path again and the wilds I had been lost in became a place familiar. Then off again to lose and find myself over and over; it is the only way to expand your world.

Here I share with you the compositions that found me on my journey, with the hope that you will see your own path and maybe find something for yourself.
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9/7/2018 redFEST
12 and over show
Club Red
1306 W. University Drive Mesa, AZ
Tickets $10-$12 at door; $10 advance purchase.
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