Anthony Labuguen
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Music is the language that allows us to go beyond just words alone.
As a kid, I loved jazz, and and so I wanted a saxaphone when I was ten. Instead, I got a clarinet but I didn't mind much; I saw it as a doorway into music. I learned how to read music, and listening to the radio, I learned how to play by ear. Unfortunately, I never got very good, as my asthma restricted playing time and practice. I also reaized that this meant I was never going to play the sax the way I wanted to.

As I got older, I wanted a guitar more than a sax, and I got my first one when I was eighteen. While I loved Santana, Led Zepplin, Guns-N-Roses, Joe satrianai, SRV, and most of all Jimi Hendrix, my biggest musical influences were still jazzmen: Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Pharoah Sanders, and Eric Dolphy. I didn't want to play straight jazz anymore, but I felt like I wasn't being myself by just playing straight rock or blues alone. Sometimes my music leans more towards jazz, and some pieces are very muck rooted in rock and the blues.