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Music is the language that allows us to go beyond just words alone.
Words can give a writer the ability to set up a space for the audience to inhabit, to contemplate, and in that way it can inspire feeling. Music can do so with less effort from the listener, as it allows the composer to set the mood in a more immediate and reactionary way than prose could alone. Music can bring joy, sorrow, and even disgust, far quicker than any other form of art. It would be difficult to enjoy a book written in a language that you have not studied, but even a song whose lyrics cannot be understood can still be appreciated and even loved. Not everyone who loves opera speaks the languages it is written in.

Music is a very versatile artform, as it is sometimes meant to stir thought and debate among its audience, or it can soothe and sometimes console the listener. Some music is inspirational and joyous, while some is introspective and a window into the composer's feelings, his or her soul.

And some music exists for its own sake, because somebody just wanted to make some noise.